CK Clinics SW

CK Clinics SW have clinics in West Cornwall near Redruth, and in West Devon

We specialise in finding the cause of your problems through a multidisciplinary approach to help solve the problem or to maintain the best life for you, rather than just treating the symptoms. By working together, we will help to improve and maintain your life, making you feel more like you again!  Based just two miles outside of Redruth, Cornwall and in 'more normal' times West Devon, we are easy to get to and see people from all over Cornwall and Devon. 

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Our Mission

Here at CK Clincs SW, your mission is our mission. We tailor our treatments to you and what you wish to achieve, whether your aim is to reduce pain, to increase your range of movement or for maintenance. Perhaps you would like to achieve your sporting dreams by rehabing that injury or improving your performance or simply would you like to work and perform daily routines more easily?

It is our duty to find the cause of your problems and solve them, rather than just treating the symptoms you feel. Many injuries have predisposing factors and by using the skills a Manual Therapist offers, together with your motivation these biomechanical faults can be corrected. We will help you reach your peak performance or return you to normal daily living.

Maybe it's as simple as improving your life, health and fitness. Here at CK Clinics SW we will work with you to achieve your goals through small and easily sustainable changes through our individual sessions or group classes. Your new life, new you can start today by getting in touch!

What our clients are saying

Being able to live my life again without pain is amazing after so many years! Even my Consultant said to keep going with the treatments. Would (and do) recommend to everyone.

Margaret S, Redruth